Electrochemical Engine Center

ECEC Personnel

ECEC Personnel at Old Main, April 2016

Dr. C. Y. Wang
(814) 863-4762

Affiliated Faculty and Their Research Interests

Dr. Chunshan SongFuel Science DepartmentFuel processing, catalyst development for desulfurization, autothermal reforming processes.
Dr. Jinchao XuMathematics DepartmentComputational mathematics, advanced solution algorithms, numerical simulation of batteries and fuel cells
Dr. Aman HaqueDepartment of Mechanical and Nuclear EngineeringMEMS Design & Fabrication, Nano-scale Materials Behavior, Nano-tribology, Scaling Theory Development
Dr. Michael J. JanikDepartment of Chemical EngineeringFirst principle calculations of catalysis, catalysts for methanol electro-oxidation, design of electrocatalysts for fuel cells
Dr. Michael A. HicknerDepartment of Materials Science and EngineeringProton exchange membrane structure-property relationships, nano-structure and transport of ion-containing polymers, electrochemical characterization and fuel cell device testing of novel materials
Dr. Seungjin KimDepartment of Mechanical and Nuclear EngineeringTwo-phase flow modeling of interfacial area transport, development of advanced two-phase flow instrumentation
Dr. Chris D. RahnDepartment of Mechanical and Nuclear EngineeringBattery and fuel cell dynamics and control
Dr. Donghai WangDepartment of Mechanical and Nuclear EngineeringElectrode materials, battery fabrication, fuel cell catalysts, and energy nanostructures

Research Engineers and Research Associates

Dr. Shanhai GeExperimental studies of advanced lithium ion battery structures, electrolytes, and operational schemes
Dr. Yongjun LengExperimental development of advanced electrolytes (Li-ion batteries), Li-metal batteries, and solid state batteries
Dr. Xiao-Guang YangComputational modeling and experimental diagnostics of lithium-ion batteries with a focus on cell degradation and fast charging

Graduate Students

Yan JiPhD Candidate
Mechanical Eng.
Computational modeling of fuel cells and batteries
Wei ZhaoPhD Candidate
Mechanical Eng.
Computational modeling of fuel cells and batteries
Lei CaoPhD Student
Material Science
Lithium battery manufacturing
Tanvir TanimPhD Candidate
Mechanical Eng.
Management and control of Li-ion battery systems
Mansu ParkPhD Student
Material Science
High capacity Li-based anodes
Julie SawlsvilleMS Student
Mechanical Eng.
Safety of Li-ion batteries
Dan MarplePhD Student
Chemical Eng.
Lithium battery materials
Poowanart PoramapojanaPhD Student
Mechanical Eng.
Development of smart Li-ion battery system
Kamiar SalehiMS Student
Mechanical Eng.
Development of smart and safe battery systems for electric vehicles
Teng LiuPhD Candidate
Mechanical Eng.
Extreme fast charging(XFC) and electrochemical modeling of lithium ion battery
Ryan LongchampsPhD Student
Mechanical Eng.
Development of advnaced lithium-ion battery structures for integrated actuation and thermal management
Jie LiaoPhD Student
Materials Science and Eng.
Solid state battery development


Dr. Wei-Wei Huang
Dave Randman
Dr. K.S. ChenSandia, Multiphase Transport Processes
Prof. John WeidnerUniv. of South Carolina
Dr. R. JungstSandia, Power Sources Dept.
Paul TimmermanJPL
Dr. B. Y. LiawHawaii Natural Energy Institute
Professor Ping ChengHong Kong University of Science and Technology
Professor C. BeckermannUniv. of Iowa