Electrochemical Engine Center

ECEC Alumni

NamePosition/DegreeClass ofJob Accepted
Dr. Ou Jung KwonPhD in Materials Science and Engineering2010Ford Motor Co. (energy storage team), Dearborn, MI
Dr. Irfan HussainiPhD in Mechanical Engineering2010GE R&D Center, Albany, New York
Dr. Christian E. ShafferPhD in Mechanical Engineering2010Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Dr. Seung Hun JungPhD in Mechanical Engineering2010LG Chem, Korea
Dr. Weifeng FangPhD in Mechanical Engineering2010Celgard
Dr. Peck Cheng LimPhD in Materials Science and Engineering2009Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology
Dr. Tracy HuangPhD degree in Materials Science and Engineering2009
Dr. Kazuya TajiriPhD in Mechanical Engineering2008 Argonne National Laboratory
Dr. Suman BasuPhD in Mechanical Engineering2008General Motors Science Laboratories, India
Dr. Puneet SinhaPhD in Mechanical Engineering2008General Motors, Fuel Cell Activities
Dr. Xinhuai Yepost-doc residence2007Spectrum Brands
Dr. Jun Lipost-doc residence2007AVL
Dr. Partha MukherjeePhD2007Director's Postdoctoral Fellowship from Los Alamos National Laboratory
Dr. Hyunchul JuPhD in Mechanical Engineering2007tenure-track assistant professor at Chungju National University, South Korea
Dr. Kandler SmithPhD in Mechanical Engineering2006Staff scientist at National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)
Dr. Guoqiang Lu3-year post-doc2006MTI Microfuel Cells
Dr. Fuqiang LiuPhD in Materials Science and Engineering2006Senior materials scientist at United Technologies Research Center (UTRC)
Dr. Yun WangPhD in Mechanical Engineering2006Tenure-track assistant professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering at University of California – Irvine
Dr. Leng MaoPhD in Mechanical Engineering2006Research scientist at PlugPower Inc
Dr. Xiao-Guang Yang3-year post-doc2005Ford Motor Co
Dr. Ugur Pasaogullari PhD2005Assistant professor of mechanical engineering at University of Connecticut
Dr. Wenpeng LiuPhD2005MTI MicroFuel Cells with Dr. Shimshon Gottesfeld
Andrea LubawyM.S.2004Toyota at California Fuel Cell Partnership, Sacremento
Nick BurkeM.S.2004International Truck and Engine Corporation in Chicago
Dr. Krishan BhatiaPhD2004Assistant professor of mechanical engineering at Rowan University in Glassboro, New Jersey
Dr. Yinghui PanPhD2004Research associate in Professor D.D. Macdonald's group, Penn State University
Jeff GonderMS2003Anuvu in Sacramento
Dr. Sukkee UmPhD2003Hyundai Motor Co
Dr. Guoqing WangPhD2003PlugPower
Dr. Chan Limpost-doc residence2002Dymos Inc. in South Korea
Dr. Matt Menchpost-doc residence2002Assistant professor of mechanical engineering at Penn State
Russ OwensMS2002Antares Group Inc. in Washington DC
Oliver FinckhMS2002UTC
Dr. Zhao-Hui Wang3 year post-doc residence2002FuelCell Energy
Dr. Venkat Srinivasan2 year post-doc residence2002University of California at Berkeley
Steve BosletM.S.2001Northrop Grumman
Juwen GaoPhD2001Novellus
Wenbin GuPhd2001General Motors
Brandon ThomasMS2000Daimler Chrysler
Rebecca CullionMS2000Agilent Technologies